Monday, January 7, 2013

Soap can be made in several different ways.

There are many traditional and now new ways of making soap. We make ours the traditional cold process method for the most part. Soap can be made in several different ways. In the cold process method, one of which we use, saponification takes several days to complete, and glycerin, a natural byproduct of saponification, remains in the finished soap. The hot process process method, also one we use, is basically the same process except it is done with heat by crock pot, a heated stove, or in the oven. The natural soaps we make are created with high-quality natural ingredients. Your soaps will feel "earthy" and will be much kinder to your skin than commercial soaps because the glycerin which remains in them is a natural emollient. By purchasing our natural soaps, you'll be guaranteeing your family and friends a superior product, and smell good too! click here to visit our store

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