Friday, January 3, 2014

Natural Handmade Versus Store Bought Lotions

Many commercially produced body lotions contain alcohol, which dries the skin, while body lotions are supposed to do something quite the opposite: keep it moisturized!  visit our website for more . Designed to have a long shelf-life, these products are often stuffed with artificial preservatives that do nothing good for your skin. Among the most commonly used preservatives are parabens. According to some researchers, these substances can be a cause of concern; some even link using paraben-containing products to cases of breast cancer and other adverse health effects. Traces of parabens have been detected in the blood of people a few hours after application of paraben-containing lotions on their skin. Before more scientific evidence emerges through further research, some health experts suggest caution when using skincare products that contain parabens. So, do you really want to pay your hard earned money for a mixture of cheap fillers and chemicals? I guess not. If you really care about your skin, use natural and organic body lotions! You do not have to pay companies for fancy packaging, branding and advertising. Instead, you can invest your money in high quality, natural ingredients! visit our website  .

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