Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Suggested Essential Oil Choices for Different Skin Types and Problems

Essential oil choices for different skin types and problems 

Skin Type  Recommended Essential Oils  

Oily, acne-prone    Tea tree, lemongrass, rose geranium, ylang ylang 
 Dry, damaged , calloused Ylang ylang, patchouli, sandalwood, rose, frankincense  
Normal   Lavender, rose geranium, palmarosa,   
Sensitive   Lavender, chamomile, jasmine, neroli  
Eczema, psoriasis        Lavender, sandalwood, frankincense, rose , jasmine  
Scars & stretch marks     Helichrysum, lavender, patchouli, rose geranium , emu oil
This is just a short list of thousands of essential oils that are beneficial to the skin visit our website for more information.

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